Saturday, 24 MayBOW & BELLOWS -Violin, horn and accordion duo


BOW & BELLOWS are a stunningly versatile violin, horn and accordion duo. They play and sing their own compelling arrangements of Klezmer, Balkan and Gypsy music with occasional sorties to savour the musical traditions of other countries.

Sally Davies and Martina Schwarz met in 2000 whilst providing the music for a touring theatre production and formed the duo soon afterwards. Since then they have had a steady stream of engagements both, for private functions and in a wide variety of venues, ranging from cafes, folk clubs, embassies, festivals, to the National Theatre Foyer and the Purcell Room.

MostArt Centre
86 Stoke Newington High Street , London, N16 7PA (Entrance from Tyssen Road)

Saturday, 24 May
8 pm
Ticket: £5


Sunday, 11 May – THE FLAUTADORS RECORDER QUARTET at St Mary’s Old Church  presented by MostArt Centre

The Flautadors Recorder Quartet POSTER

The Flautadors present some of their favourite repertoire exploring the unique acoustics & intimate space of St Mary’s Old Church. Works by Machaut, Bach & Purcell, alongside contemporary gems, will be performed on a huge range of recorders.

The Flautadors Recorder Quartet is established as the UK’s leading recorder ensemble. Their recordings of both contemporary and early music have received critical acclaim and are frequently played on the BBC as well as radio stations across Europe. Described as ‘exciting’, ‘dazzling’ and with ‘phenomenal technique’, concerts by The Flautadors provide a fresh insight into the music they play.

Recorders: Catherine Fleming, Merlin Harrison, Celia Ireland, Ian Wilson

St Mary’s Old Church

Church Street, Stoke Newington, London

N16 9ES

Sunday, 11 May

3:00 pm

Ticket: £10

Saturday, 10 MayDON KIPPER- Klezmer, Gypsy Jazz, Turkish Fasil, Greek Rembetika..

don kipper

Don Kipper is a London-based ensemble dedicated to interpreting music of Eastern origin. Their repertoire includes Klezmer and Gypsy Jazz but ranges to Turkish Fasil music and Greek Rembetika. Whilst respecting the ancient origins of these forms Don Kipper love to arrange the music in new ways and also compose original music which fuse many styles and combine elements from a variety of backgrounds. The musicians in Don Kipper themselves have diverse musical origins stretching beyond the scope of the band’s repertoire – such as Brazilian Samba, Celtic and West African music – and their arrangements are a testament to the band’s belief that a fundamental energy connects many so named “world” and “folk” styles. Don Kipper are also keen collaborators and have worked with a host of performers ranging from Tribal Belly Dancers to Hula-Hoop artists and Singers from all over the place…

MostArt Centre
86 Stoke Newington High Street, London, N16 7PA
(Entrance from Tyssen Road)

Saturday, 10 May
8:00 pm

Ticket: £5


Friday, 18 AprilKlezmer Evening With Kurt & Annette Bjorling

Come along and hear Duo Controverso, two of the finest US klezmorim live in concert. Kurt Bjorling (clarinet) and Annette Bjorling (harp) will perform a set, then there will be an opportunity to jam.


MostArt Centre
86 Stoke Newington High Street, London
N16 7PA (Entrance from Tyssen Road)

Friday,18 April

7:30 pm

Ticket: £10  and £5 if you’re bringing an instrument to jam




Sunday, 13 April“NEW TURKEY” by Murat Germen


Artist- Photographer Murat Germen presents his recently published monographic book “New Turkey” at MostArt Centre. The book Edited by Dr. Necmi Sönmez, art historian and curator, this book titled “New Turkey” is a comprehensive survey of Germen’s artwork from 2000 until present day. The book is supplemented with essays by Murathan Mungan, a leading Turkish author and includes an interview between Barbara Hofmann-Johnson, the curator of Photographische Sammlung Köln, and the artist, as well as personal anecdotes. Designed by Yesim Demir and published bilingually in Turkish and English, this is his first monograph.

Through his photography, Murat Germen dealt with the recent economic boom in Turkey and its consequences by focusing on various stages of this development, such as urban transformation, industrial growth, social and physical construct, art and capital relations, excessive investment on highways and finally the Taksim Gezi protests and resistance that constituted a milestone in late Turkish history. He produced challenging visual experimentations with his internationally acclaimed series “Muta-morphosis” and continues his artistic practice on urban photography with his recent “Facsimile” series. While Muta-morphosis maximizes the urban content by shrinking very long panoramic photos into a photographic frame with a typical ratio, Facsimile instead extends certain parts of cities to attract attention to particular dynamics among various urban components.

MostArt Centre
86 Stoke Newington High Street, London
N16 7PA (Entrance from Tyssen Road)

Sunday, 13 April
6:30 pm
Free entrance


Saturday, 12 April - GROUP AWAZ- Mesopotamia and Anatolian Folk Songs


Group AWAZ brings together the music of ethnic, traditional Mesopotamia and Anatolian folk songs.

Suna Alan- vocal
Rıza Koyupınar – percussion, vocal
Öncü Göçebe – guitar
Soner Gölbaş – clarinet, baglama

MostArt Centre
86 Stoke Newington High Street, London, N16 7PA
(Entrance from Tyssen Road)
Saturday, 12 April
Ticket: £7 Student: £5


Saturday,5 AprilTHE NEFES ENSEMBLE – The Folk Songs of Turkey

The Nefes Ensemble is a mix of amateur and professional performers, devoting themselves to presenting the folk songs of Turkey in their authentic forms. Nefes means ‘breath’, and they see themselves as expressing Turkey’s cultural soul while living many miles away from their homeland.



Saturday, 5 April
8:30 pm
Ticket: £5





Thursday, 13 March- THE DEAD VICTORIANS

The Dead Victorians are a music hall comedy show. They provide a sing-a-long show in the finest British tradition. The chaps play a host of instruments such as accordion, ukulele, tuba and washboard. Also included are more bizarre instruments such as musical saw Chinese chastity bells and sheep. This is a very interactive show with all the lads in full costume and character throughout. Maestro Paul Tkachenko Dr. Matty Blake, Mr. Sandiford and Rupert have performed in practically every situation you can imagine and some that you couldn’t, or perhaps ought not to.

MostArt Centre
86 Stoke Newington High Street, London, N16 7PA
(Enterance from Tyssen Road)
Thursday, 13 March
Ticket: £5


Sunday,9 March - The Light at the End of the Tunnel


MostArt and Ayshe Gul present The Light at the End of the Tunnel – An Evening of Poetry and Music in Celebration of Spring, Rebirth, Healing and Self Discovery. Special Guests Lina Maryan, Poet and Derek Harris, Musician, Singer/Song Writer.

Most-Art Centre
86 Stoke Newington High Street, London, N16 7PA
(Entrance from Tyssen Road)

Sunday, 9 March
7:30pm- 10:30 pm
Entrance: £4




Yendva Yendva plays traditional Balkan & Eastern European folk music with joy, passion and humour. Three of the four members are from Balkan region and the sound and spirit with which they play is truly authentic.

MostArt Centre
86 Stoke Newington High Street, London, N16 7PA
(Enterance from Tyssen road)

Friday, 28 February
Ticket: £5


Thursday, 6 FebruaryViktor`s Django Gipsy Jam Session

Come along and enjoy Gipsy Jazz.

MostArt Centre

86 Stoke Newington High Street, London, N16     7PA
(Entrance from Tyssen Road)

Thursday 6 February
Entrance: £8
Free entrance to performing musicians

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